Today, I'm the BLOODY ALEX,

So I took a period leave this morning.

That's a little bit embarrassing.

Hi, I am Alex, the bloody one today.
I start to practice my poor English,
cuz I found that I cannot construct a sentence with
 full context when I worked on my chart yesterday.
That is SCARING.


Pain killer is useless to me,
cus it takes thirty minutes to get effect on the pain,
and lasts for only one or two hours.

Tremendously USELESS, if I have to take it every two hours!!!

Being painful in the bed, on the chair, on the toilet,
on the floor, in the car, on the soft bench, on the hard one,
on the motor cycle, and EVERYWHERE.

So blessed to have the experience.

PS: The hand soap you gave me always reminds me of you.
      If you do not wanna get it used up, just keep on adding water in it.
跟經血裡夾雜各式各樣的血塊、渣渣是一樣的道理  。   

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